Push Notifications - Notification Opened block not working


(Carlos) #1

why this block does not work?

(Robert Crum) #2

Doesn’t it work anytime? It won’t work when your app is not opened because Kodular apps can not run in background.

(Carlos) #3

what do you mean? It doesn’t work where it is suppose to work, you understand now?

(DjJohn) #4

This doesn’t even work when the app is running…
I tried several times on this and didn’t get it working…
Or I don’t know how to use this block :thinking:

(Carlos) #5

true and this is what I am saying!

(Kimi Paniz) #6

Where did you find that block?
I was searching for it but I didn’t found it…
On the notification component, I haven’t found it.

(😍) #7

look again… It is there…

(Kimi Paniz) #8

Oh ok… On push notification…
I always used the normal notifier :sweat_smile: