Push Notifications - Notification Opened block not working

why this block does not work?


Doesn’t it work anytime? It won’t work when your app is not opened because Kodular apps can not run in background.

what do you mean? It doesn’t work where it is suppose to work, you understand now?

This doesn’t even work when the app is running…
I tried several times on this and didn’t get it working…
Or I don’t know how to use this block :thinking:


true and this is what I am saying!

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Where did you find that block?
I was searching for it but I didn’t found it…
On the notification component, I haven’t found it.

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look again… It is there…

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Oh ok… On push notification…
I always used the normal notifier :sweat_smile:


This still not working

Its not working for me too… Please Help!

It´s not working I tring and the same problem. :sleepy:

@Diego please put it onto your buglist
PS: if you don’t want to receive messages like this, then let us know whom to contact to put bugs onto the list… thank you…

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