"Push Notifications" Component's "Notification Opened" is Not Working

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic. And Actually I’ve found out this issue have been reported for years! But I don’t know why it’s still haven’t solved.

Describe your issue

“Push Notifications” Component’s “Notification Opened” is not invoked, when the app is opened by clicking the corresponding notification.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Assemble the components as belows in the “Designer”:

Note: An extension called “OneSignalFix” is needed to fix another issue of the “Push Notifications” component. Please refer to [BETA] OneSignal Fix Extension for details.

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Expected Behaviour

When an notification is arrived and the corresponding app is not opened, if the user click the notification to open the app, the “Notification Opened” event handler should be invoked and run the code blocks inside.

Actual Behaviour

The “Notification Opened” event handler is Not invoked, when the app is opened.

Android version


Further Information

The “Notification Received” event handler is Successfully invoked, when the app is either running in the foreground or background.