Changing the color of the Custom Progress make it shrink

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

I’ve maked an app to see how looks the Custom Progress component, but i’ve discovered that changing his color make him shrink till it disapear.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Just make the color change with a slider)

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CustomProgressPreview.aia (2,7 Ko)

Android version

Android 10


Looks like it hasn’t been fixed properly

@Hossein I haven’t tested this apk thoroughly from here, now I noticed that even that one exhibits this behavior after choosing the animation +50 times for Custom Progress component

@Franck_G28 try this one CustomProgressPreview1.aia (3.3 KB)

Boban, I’ll try the .aia and check it out

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  1. Good .aia that you put together - thanks
  2. I don’t see the shrinking issue - maybe just too minor for my :eyes: to see with my :dark_sunglasses: :slight_smile: - I’m using the slider to change color and do see it getting smaller, but I think that’s because of the animation itself. Once I let go of slider, then back to original size
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If you used the aia from my post above, that one contained a workaround, either remove timer or try the aia from first post


@Boban Used first .aia and I believe I have (locally) fixed it. Try my .apk and try to make it shrink again :slight_smile:

CustomProgressPreview0.apk (4.8 MB)


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This one seems to work as it should :+1:


This was a tough issue to figure-out and resolve. Will have updates pushed for next release.


@Boban fix on β

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