View pager tab remove bug

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Describe your issue

After removing view pager tab and then again creating new tabs, double tabs will be created instead of what we want to create.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. First of all create any number of tabs of view pager. Suppose I created 2 tabs.
  2. Now I will remove those tabs by using “remove all” component.
  3. Now again I will create 2 new tabs. Here it should create only 2 tabs but instead it will create 4.

Expected Behaviour

It should only create 2 tabs

Actual Behaviour

But 4 tabs created instead of 2

Show your Blocks

aia = nneeww.aia (2.5 KB)

Demo app - Google drive

Android version


@Amit_Narwal check that your vertical arrangement 1 and 2 are enabled to center.
Then it will not be like that.

It should be like​:point_down:this

If it is your answer then mark it as your solution :sweat_smile:

I am sorry but I think you didn’t read the post. Please read it again

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Let’s wait for someone else to answer

After your problem you removed view pager so after that have you added it

Hmm…Why Have You Written 3 & 4

Insted Of That Try Writing 1 & 2

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because these tabs are completely different from the first 2.

One more bug, whenever I try to reply back to someone’s comment on a post, it doesn’t posted as a reply of that comment. Instead it will be posted as a reply of the topic. Which is weird
is this reply system broken or something? because I tried this on different communities also like on AI mit , appybuilder, etc and in all of them it works perfectly :thinking:

did any kodular staff saw this post yet? :thinking:

Just ping @Kodular