View Pager! what is going on here?

I try to win the fight against a huge mass of new tabs in the view pager, but unsuccessfully. Even thinking deeply about a logical sequence of commands (1. remove all tabs / remove view 1, view 2 … & then add view to component …) was unsuccessful. What am I doing wrong?

btw: Removing the views from pos. does not work either

And your layouts are all set to be visible?

yes, but in the viewer the tabs are added, so I’ve got 2 x Tools, 2 x downloads and so on.

But I will try to create tabs only one time (at initializing) and try again.

This is the solution
:blush: Thanks for taking a look into it.

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You’re getting solution everytime after you publish the problem on community! Strange! This forcing me to think that you’re not trying enough to solve before coming to community!

Anyway, good luck ahead. :grinning:

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This is nearly right. I am really really minimum of at least one hour trying and trying, reading threads here and try some hints. And after posting, I keep on testing and trying and reading.

You are right, in this case it was at least unneccesary.

I also have this issue, did you you find a real solution to this?

Please check this out

This might help you