Screen Bug Must Be Fixed As Soon As

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

When I have imported a home screen from my old project An error occurred. I had worked a lot in that project but now it is not able to be exported I am not able to do anything with this issue

To reproduce this issue, just export a screen then change its name to something new and then import it again

Expected Behaviour

I am not able to do anything with my project.

I am not able to do anything with this screen even blocks

Android version

Does that screen contain any assets, extension, if so, those are not exported when you export your screen


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You can edit aia with winrar and remove that screen from aia and then import again to kodular and it will be loaded without that buy screen and also working like before that screen

does importing the aia again will change the keystore for app or not

This is an old topic and the one who asked never responded. I unlist and close it.

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