Bug with oval transparent button shape

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

A bug occour when you put a button, change the shape to oval and set the color to transparent(none)
The button will have a polygon shape.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Put a button on designer mode and set the shape to oval and the color to transparent(None)

Expected Behaviour

All the circle should become transparent

Actual Behaviour

The borders of the button dont become transparent and show a polygon shape.

Show your Blocks

No blocks used, only the designer, but here are some screenshots:

Android version

Android 9.0 Samsung UI 1.1

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Try with transparent image instead…

Make sure that height and width are not equally, have at least 1px difference…


This is a very good solution, but I will end up not using this style. I just wanted to report the bug

Well, it’s oval shape not round and thereby not a bug…

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