Web viewer not working properly after recent companion update

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

Issue with web viewer after recent companion update, this issue only occurs while testing with companion.
it is creating a alignment gap of 50% of the screen pushed down on the companion (visually only). the buttons on th web_viewer remain in actual place.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Use web_viewer component and go to any site of your choice or load any valid html.

Expected Behaviour

There should not be any gap

Actual Behaviour

Creates gap of 50% of the screen which remain blank. This issue is while using web_viewer only
Test with latest companion app.

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Android version

Version 9.0

How do you know it is a problem with the webviewer and not with the community theme?

Try this link and see what happens

I am using web_viewer to load custom HTML in one of the project I am working, even there it is the same problem.

Attaching an example from w3schools.com

My First Heading

My first paragraph.

Changed the Screen background to gray

How do you set the screen properties. To scrollable?

Default settings (No) - Not scrollable

I have attached the aia.

html (1).aia (1.7 KB)

Could not replicate the problem. Test aia works fine for me in companion (Xiaomi A1, android 9)

Try to include the webviewer in any arrangement.

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Tried putting it in a component, same issue. I have even used customwebviewer extension, same result.

Also found another issue. The default ads seem to be hidden. Its not an issue, but it is an alignment issue i guess. See attached image.

One more thing i noticed, the asset images are not showing now when using companion. Works fine after compiling apk.

All of the above issues were not present before update.