Scroll bar in drop down menu of images

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

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most of the times when i try to select an image for any purpose like setting a background or selecting an image for the image component it does not shows the scroll bar for the drop down menu thus not showing all the images in drop down menu that’s why i can’t select some particular images at the most bottom.

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Expected Behaviour

i just expect it to show to scroll bar

Actual Behaviour

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Android version

I think you are taking about the case when we click on any option(like for example : any image option) containing the drop-down and that image option/property is near the bottom edge of the screen.
In this case the drop-down doesn’t seems to appear properly or as intended. Look below for the images.

If this is the case, then as temporary solution, hover your mouse pointer over the drop-down and use the scroll wheel to scroll through the images in the drop-down

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@Vishwas can you take a look please?

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Sorry but it seems like it is the issue with me only

i have a lot of images but it is showing only few

It’s look the same issue which is mentioned in my previous reply. If so let’s wait for the staff member’s reply. If it’s another issue then can you explain it better?

Same Isuue With me when i open image option scroll bar not show that why i am not able to select images.
kodualr issue