Get start value doesn't sending

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

I was sending data from one screen to another screen in a list. in this list 3 list was sending perfectly but after list3 list was not getting data in another screen. sorry for my bad English

sending data

receiving data

Can you debug these thwo blocks? and if you see same values in both then it is not a bug. This way we cannot accept this is as bug. Pls check up. I hope so far we do not face such a things.

or in the second screen just use length of the list get start value and it gives you 6 mean no problem


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I debug value & it’s return null. & you can’t see the result in the picture?

i advised you to debug the whole and not a part. There may be an issue in your blocks. We are sure there wont be an issue while sending values between the screens.

I didn’t know that you can store a list of lists within the start value. But if so then please check with the isList block if your list is actually interpreted as a list.

I already did this type before

See what i have tried … I am sure this should not be a bug while sending list of lists to next screen.

see in the blocks. I have generated 5 lists and sending all the lists to next screen


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I am also sending in same way. What’s the different?

debug like this on the make list to confirm list of lists to next screen.


the problem will be you can send list of list created under one block just like my work. but if you created list of lists at different steps, we cannot assure it will be successful one. Thats why to confirm the fact i am suggesting you to debug on the make a list block. But you are debugging on the variables…

thank you man. I find out the solution. not solution acttually my fault. i was calling again another list but that was empty.


This is what i said it in the 1st and 3rd post. If you heard the suggestion what I said, you might have get the solution that moment itself. Anyway you found it atlast

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