About Accelerometer_Sensor1

Hi there,
I wanted to know how Accelerometer_Sensor1 works?
It is having an event “When Accelerometer_Sensor1.acceleration changed”,
does it return value as many time acceleration changes or just once and how does it react if the mobile is moving with constant acceleration, there is no change in acceleration :no_mouth:
what it will return???

I can’t test these features my own as I am not having any android device and currently and even can’t emulate my potato laptop.

Your contribution is appreciated:wink:

Send me Apk file.I can test it.

Nice.Mine is not.Maybe mine will be in couple of years.

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test_acc.apk (4.1 MB)

it is simple,
3 labels to get acceleration of each dimensions

so which dimension is related to height?? , z???

z is related to height.

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was your motion linear parallel to ground?

so is due to earth’s rotation:joy: