About ads approval request

I just build an app with fb ads and want to publish on google playstore. But there are ads approval notification showing on my app and in my kodular account it’s showing me to wait 2 days 15 hours. Meantime can I publish my app on playstore ? Or that notification will effect on my approval in plasystore?

There is one method to fix this.

Modify your ad blocks and dont call or load ads…by not using load ad block when screen initialize or delete ad component. This will not show notification to approve app for ad serving.

Now publish your app without ads. Nothing will happen.

Wait for 2 to 3 days from last edit of your app in Kodular, if you edit or modify your project then the waiting time will reset.

After waiting time over send request for ad approval from my kodular.

After approval you can modify your ad blocks to call or load ads.

Then update your app with ads in play store.

Yeah, install it from Google Play… and not as APK