About closing a Topic in community

Can anybody explain me whats the reason to close others Topic without informing the post owner

It’s the ultimate ceasefire.

Its better to inform the post owner before Closing their Topic makeroid

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Not always. The post owner might be ranting, or posting some sensitive or problematic information.

I was just asking about my project file is taking so long to load
Some of my projects are loading properly but some are stuck in Loading project screen Thats it
I dont think i was posting problematic information

You were posting a duplicate thread.

You were informed of why your topic was closed:


I dont think that is duplicate thread
I tried all the solution told by @Diego but none of then worked for me thats the reason I am searching for a solution

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You can always reply to the original thread

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I was informed after closing the topic and after i created this topic

This isn’t true.

Try using FireFox.

No one realized that it’s written Tipic in the Topic? :joy:

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