About Compass Sensor

Helllo i completed my compass app in last week. But i have get a feedback from a user that is not working for app. I want to set up if compass sensor not in users’ phone, they would not use the app how can i do that ?



I have already did my own compass app. My question was different. if the compass sensor is not on the phone, that phone should not work and should be send a message “you can not use this app, because your phone is not supporting the compass usage”. that’s what i want.

Are you using magnetic field sensor in your app ?

@dora_paz No, can i do it for this sensor ?

OrientationSensor Available property

Did You check ?

You could use something like this, replace magnetit field’s blocks with the sensor that your use


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Hello both your suggestions was worked thank you! Hello @dora_paz _ the magnetic field sensor for example if i use 3 sensor in my app and any sensor not supported by mobile phones, will be send a message for any sensor is missing am i right ?

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