About implementing gif in an app

Hello ,
i have a query , i have gif extension and can i use it for appying gif in the background of any arrangement and app widgets on top of it like we do on images

which gif extension you are working??

i have downloaded from dribble

you have downloaded gif or extension from dribble

no the gif

so you want to use that gif as background…
am i right??

and what you have tried so far??

i have seen vedios on youtube to use the extension and we can only use it on image component
but not as a background in arrangement

Which extension have you used to use gif??

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Ok so you can follow below tips

Vertical_Arrangemet1(height is x)
----Vertical_Arrangement2(height must be x)
----Vertical_Arrangement3(height must be x)

overlap the vertical arrangement3 to vertical arrangement 2 using animation utils

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Also another way without extension is shown in the post below


Just post a link to the webpage the extension can be found. Don’t upload the aix.

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ok sorry about that

thanks man i didn’t know about this that we can overlap layouts thanks a lot

this is also nice thanks

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It’s okay…
We are here to help you…

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