About kodular premium renewal

I bought kodular premium membership for a month, my card is saved on kodular, i want only one month subscription, i don’t want to renew it, so how to stop its renewal

Go to your my kodular account. Click on premium and there you can cancel the membership.

I cancelled it , but it is still showing premium in dashboard and i want to remove my credit card, i am unable to remove it

Can you show us what yours says

hi even you cancel the subscription, it will still be active in Kodular, but not in STRIPE.

unfortunately you can’t remove your card here, but STRIPE is a well known payment provider all over the world and you don’t have any issues with that.
@Web_Tech_Hindi But if you still feels panic, then use internet banking or contact customer support and cancel the STRIPE automatic payments in your card.

Cancelled is showing in my profile also, it means money will not deduct from my card on next month