About List View Image and Text Component

Hello, first of all I apologize for my clumsiness and for my bad English.
Would someone kindly explain to me graphically something as simple as (probably) how to make each item in a List with Image and Text Component perform a different action?
For example, open a specific page.
Thank you!

Can you show something you tried, it make it easier if you tried either wrong but it will make you learn , so try/search something and it you stuck somewhere community is always here

Thanks Deepanshu Arya. I understand what your saying to me.
I attach an image of what has been achieved so far:

With this I get to click on the first record of the view jump to Screen2, but I can not get the background change only in the record pressed.

On the other hand, I suppose there will be a more global way of indicating actions to each record, or should I do it one by one?

And finally, when the order of the records is not known because it is generated from a search or query, how to identify the record?

I hope I have made myself understand better than before.
Thanks again!

List View Image and Text’s background colour is related to the whole listview’s background, not only to current item’s.

You can do different actions using if then (+elif, else) blocks. Choose something in a group of items which is similar, like subtitle, image if position is not the good choice.

You have 2 options to choose from, as I described above. E. g. one type of items has A image, another has B image or each group has different subtitle.
(Each group does different actions)

Thank you Robert!
Apparently it is not possible to get much more then what I have already achieved.
However I have seen an extension that does seem to offer all those possibilities. It’s here: Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView * · Appinventor/Thunkable Extensions
But I’m not sure if these types of extensions are safe and stable.
Do you know anything about this? Thanks again!

I can confirm ColinTrer ListView is safe, it’s from a known developer. However initializing too much items through it, the listview will crash the application (less than a thousand can).

Ok. Thanks, I’ll try to see how it is