About Makeroid Builder Improvement!

We need simple and smooth UI like Thunkable. The present builder is consuming battery faster, laggy and slow. We can’t work fast because the right column is not so user friendly . Hope these will be fixed to the next update.

I think makeroid ui is already friendly and if you want all the innovating features of Makeroid you should deal with the lags or upgrade your ram and even if Makeroid ui was Horrible you can’t just compare it with other builders


The first time you need to compare makeroid with thunkble, because the makeroid have lots of features and components compare to thunkble.
Therefore, this is the main reason why Makeroid lagging.
Appybuilder also have too many components, so the appybuilder also goes lag.
If you want these features then you need to compromise with lag.

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Well Appybuilder doesn’t have many Components. Not even one heavy design. You can maybe have millions of blocks there, and still not lag, Thunkable and Appybuilders design is weak while Makerois is strong so it’s going to lag.


Well, I also agree with this. It is really very hard and annoying to work with. :tired_face:

BTW Makeroid’s UI is the best of all AI clones’ UI and simple things doesn’t look and feel COOL. :wink:


Why compromise? You don’t need to be so aggressive. A builder needs to be productive first, and only then should look good. App Inventor, for example, has a very practical UI, while AppyBuilder recently bloated up with tons of unnecessary animations. Hope everyone gets the point.