About MY List view image and Text

About List View Image and Text
Hi guys
this component is very complicated, thanks to friends “Anhar_Fahrudin” and “Holmsync” who helped me solve a small permanent deletion problem, but now another one arises! How to maintain changes on a component ITEM?
Something is obviously missing from the blocks you see

blocks (1)

What is your Goal in this ? Is it the same thing (removal of list item in long press) ?

Hello My friend, actually I should move the “UPDATE” command to a different button from long click, the blocks I posted are the ones I need to do UPDATE and save ITEM but I always run into various errors and honestly I don’t know how to proceed, I would like to apologize to everyone if things I can’t get through without being able to ask for help :frowning:

I think the right path is like this but undoubtedly missing references for the “POSITION…”


in the Update Item Block:
set the Position as index of selected item in the list using
next image as updated image (if any changes), updated title & subtitle
in the replace item list
setlist as the list books, index as the index in list block as shown above for position but without the -1 just that block and replacement as updated values of your list
I actually don’t know how u are updating your data (user inputs like textbox or internal data updates like no. of likes/ comments/ purchases)
and I also don’t know the structure of the list
anyways hope you understood what to do

For a little while I can understand you but I wouldn’t know how to put your advice into practice :frowning:

don’t do anything there just put lbl_position.text + 1 here

thank you, I will try and tell you if I was successful

Sorry, not workig, return me an error…

“The operation + cannot accept the arguments: , [com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.MakeroidListViewImageText@1b8fd9f], [1]”

I also tried “-1” and it returns the same error:

The operation - cannot accept the arguments: , [com.google.appinventor.components.runtime.MakeroidListViewImageText@1b8fd9f], [1]


What is LBl_Position some unique ID or Is it linked to position on the list

That’s right, it is the location of the data where it is recorded on the List_View_Image and Text component.
The first data recorded was assigned “0”, the second “1” and so on the others…

linked to the position in the list then…

Then do one thing instead of position use index in list block and set thing to the old list data on that number & list as the list global books
And for update item use lbl_position

Forgive me but I can’t understand you…

On these blocks.

Remaining 2 are right

Unfortunately, nothing! The error shows up again!

That’s because you put the same thing for Both thing and replacement.
Thing should be old data
And replacement should be new data.
The new data does not even exist on the list

sorry why, if I have recorded a data and for whatever reason I have to update only a small element of the data why can’t I do that!!! The modification can provide on the Title than on the subtitle and also the image, I don’t understand why it is so difficult, on a normal Listview component the modifications of a data item is much easier, I wonder why a simple modification on the List view image and text component is so problematic! I will probably have to change components and give up the ListView image and text