About The rights of our created extensions

Will Makeroid staff see our extensions if we build it on the Extension IDE ? If they can see our extension and use it , then Makeroid can get all our extensions without permission as their own components, is it safe to use that , because I want to develop Paid extensions


I don’t think Makeroid staff would do such thing.


If they can see your code on the builder, yes most likely. Trust me, I was Admin on a builder and you can see others projects and code.

i thinks its not safe

They wouldn’t do this, as they have to ask permission to use it like you have to ask permission to do things.


If you don’t trust the developers, don’t use their software. They could’ve quietly taken your apps and extensions, but they have better things to do. Also, the ToS clearly says that you retain rights to your created content, and only you are answerable if said content causes loss.


I agree with @Kanishka_Developer
Make your extensions patent before making. That is another solution.

No. Patents in the this field are extremely screwed up. They prevent newer versions and forks.

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We can see your projects, but we would need to find them in the database. It is the same like every other company. We can find your data, but we are not allowed to share them because of privacy and we cant claim them, because we didn’t make the code. It is the same as GitHub you use it to work on, but they cant say that your code it theirs. So it is safe to work with the Makeroid IDE