About using third party sticker

Dear Kodulars Hi :v:
Dear i am working on A whatsApp sticker app project,
i want to know if i use telegram Stickers or third party sticker is there any problem?

please guide me if is it not allowed, what to do accoarding to play store policy.

You cannot use other peoples content without permission. That permission is either granted through a license, expressley, or something like Creative Commons use.

Any Sticker you use you need to know:

a) The owner
b) What are their usage rights.
c) If attribution is required.

If you follow those rules, then you will be fine.

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i don’t know anything but…
can you give me any idea, how use those stickers,because many App uses those stickers,and they are on play store?

You need to find the source of the stickers and look at their website for information.

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Are you creating this app with Kodular??

No by Android studio​:v: