Access storage when recording audio

If you set .SaveRecording eg to:
then of course each recording will be overwriten.

Try something like this:

Then you will get:

(show your blocks)

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Or like this by using clock

Thank you all for your help, it was useful to understand how it works.

But right now I have a problem where I am trying to listen to the audio I just recorded but I can’t.

I’m using the exoplayer, i set the source to the file path just recorded, I created the directory, before creating the directory it gave an error, now it ‘plays’, but I hear nothing.

Thanks if you will help.

Which error? Show your blocks.

couldn’t access the file cause there was no directory looks like, but now as i said it gives no error but i hear no sound

sound player kodular

Set the ExoPlayer.Source in the Button_Invia block, like this:


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Thanks, that helped and solved it.

Wow, on kodular even the forum is bugged, i keep receveing notification from this post of the same reply.

Maybe it’s a sign since I’m not receiving any answer anywhere to ask here if you know a way to upload and categorize 3gp files, cloudinary doesn’t let me directly and easily categorize it, I tried airtable but I can’t let it work and create a new row, I don’t know why.

I tried firebase storage and it looks like there is a bug for everyone, from what I discovered it sets the bucket to makeroid-companion.appxyz… for everyone and we don’t have access to it.

Kodular offers many options, but they don’t really work ^^?

Are you talking about this:

If you want help from this forum, your first task shouldn’t be to throw with criticism around you.
Tip: Use the search function. Many questions are already been answered.



Thank you guys for all the support. I have a different question need your help.

After saving the file to “test.3gp”, when I record again. It does not write over the first recording.

What am I missing? Thanks.

See eg here:

Dear bodymindpower, thank you for your quick reply. I read about this in your previous discussion. My intent is to WRITEOVER the previous recording, but it does NOT.

Please advise how to WRITE OVER. Thanks.

I tested your blocks and they work for me. The last recording gets overwritten.
Tip:Try the player component instead the sound component. The sound component is only for short sounds up to 5 seconds or so.


Thank you, Django.

It is working now. Thank you for the Player suggestion as well.

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I asked for a permission to WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, but was denied and telling me goto setting.

I went to settings, the Kodular companion is permitted to access “storage”.

Is there two different storage, or what? I don’t know enough about Android to know what to do now.

Thank you.

This should be executed after permission is granted not while you are about to grant it


Btw, what will happen if I deny it

But when we close app and open again it start again from the first name like myRec1.3gp. how to resolve that? Thank you

Use a TinyDB for that.


I’ve tried several times but I don’t know how to place it properly. Can you help me? This my block.