Access to JSON file in Google Drive

Hello community, good afternoon.
I have a development that reads a JSON file from a free host (000webhost) and it works perfect, I want to change it to Google Drive and I copy exactly the file by sharing it and I get the address and I substitute the access and it marks an error.

Runtime Error
attempt to invoke virtual method ‘int org.json.JSONArray.length ()’
on a null object reference


Any idea how to fix it
Thanks and regards

This might help you

(look for getContent…)

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Hello, good day from Mexico.
Thank you very much for your interest and answer my question, look for the information and my knowledge in Kodular does not give us to understand where to implement the function. I think that for now I will continue on the host (000webhost).
Again I appreciate your help.

You may want to try downloading the file from google drive, and then opening it with the file component to access and work with the json

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Hi, thanks again. I’m going to treat it that way, downloading the file and reading it. greeting.