Accounting application using google sheet

I am creating an application to organize orders in ecommerce. Of course, I cannot link the application directly to the platform from which the orders come, but there is a way to link the platform to the google sheet page, and when the user submits his request through the platform, his personal information appears in the google sheet page. Thus, I will be linking between the platform and my application through the google sheet (intermediary). In terms of controlling the application, what I want to do is read the orders and be able to modify them. I mean, when I modify the application, the information in the google sheet changes and adding data also means that I can add information to Sheet through the application and the information should be in a table on the application. I searched a lot in more than one community to create this application, but unfortunately I could not create the application. I find a way to retrieve the information, and I cannot modify and add information, and vice versa.

Can someone help me create the app?

Only the author of an extension is allowed to upload their extensions… I removed it for you


Sorry for the mistake, I have corrected a mistake and I apologize again