Action required message when testing ads. Interstitial ads not showing anyway

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

When using ads, banner or interstitital with Ad Manager, with the test mode on and with the app approved to serve ads, the message “Action required! Your app has not been approved to serve ads…” is showed constantly, when an apk is instaled.

If the app is instaled via Google Play in internal test, the message doesn’t appear, and test ads is showed on banners, but interstitial are not showed neither apk or Google play instalatin

Steps to reproduce the issue

Many times tried.

Expected Behaviour

Show test ads in banners and interstitial, show the interstitial ads, even if the app is downloaded from Google Play or apk instalation. And don’t show the “Action required!” annoying message.

Actual Behaviour

With apk instalation:
The “Action required!” message is showed constantly in apk instalation.
The message doesn’ appears with Google Play instalation.
Interstitial ads are never showed in one case or the other.

Show your Blocks

So many.

Android version


This bug has been resolved and a fix will be released this weekend

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Sorry, but “Action required!” message keeps appearing with ads in test mode and apk instalation.

Please, please, please, solve this problem!!!
I have Kodular Premium, I have the app aproved to show ads, the app is already in Google Play (not with Ad Manager, but with Admob components) the ads components are in test mode and this message keeps appearing with the apk instalation.

With this message appearing every five seconds its almost impossible to test an app!!!
Ads are not showed either.
I think its fair to pay fot the Premium version, but this problems remains for two months already.

If your app is in playstore you dont need kodular approval just publish your app with real ads disable test ads mode & publish app​:+1:

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Yes, I know that, but I want to test first with apk, it is easier than using the internal test of Google Play Console. Thanks for your answer anyway.

Get your app approved.

Thanks for your help.

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