Actionable Notification Kodular?

Hello Koders,
I have a small question. How can i send this kind of actions doing notifications in my app?

If anyone knows abou it then please tell. It would be really great for me.

Yes Oviously?

  1. You can use OneSignal
    #9 How to Add OneSignal Push Notification in Kodular App ( Full Guide) | Kodular Mastery Series - YouTube
  1. You can also use an extension
    [FREE] πŸ’Œ Notification Style: extension with various types of notification. πŸ’Œ

For The Above :point_up_2: Option to work properly your app build API should be 23 >

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its currently not working in kodular fenix… this is a know bug…

Happy2Help :slight_smile:


Yes! I was Forgot about that . Sry

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Ohh thanks for telling.

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