Activate button using javascript

Help me please. how do i activatee button using js code?

when I paste text into the input field with js code, the button is not activated

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Hello. You didn’t read what I wrote

Are you entering the value of text on Button Click

get the button with javascript queryselector function and do button.disabled = false

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thank you very much. I will try your version when I get home.

When I paste text into the input field, the button is disabled. it remains grey. when it’s gray it can’t be clicked.

your version doesn’t work

did you tried to click it

does not work
document.getElementsByTagName(“button”)[0].disabled = false;

does not work
document.getElementsByTagName(“button”)[0].button.disabled = false;

document.getElementsByTagName("button")[0].classList.remove("mfui-button_disabled");document.getElementsByTagName(“button”)[0].disabled = false;

this code works great. thank you very much

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