Activity Starter error 601 - No corresponding activity was found

Hi there, friends. I am trying to open a url in the browser, but it is not working.I am getting this message as an alert at screen:

Error 601: No corresponding activity was found

I am trying in companion and with the apk compiled.

Here my relevant blocks:

No matter if I click at the first or second label, the result is the same.

The most strange is: The block when activity_starter1 activityerror is not being activated. the alert pops up at screen but buttoncadastrar text doesn’t change to the message.

Change your “Action” to this one and try again.


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Man, that is really crazy. I could swear by my life that I copied the Action text from Using the Activity Starter Component but now I see that my “View” word was not uppercase.
The first block, that opens in the default browser is now working just fine.

The second block, to open with Chrome, is not working and show the same message. And the activity error is still not getting activated. But this is not important since I don’t really need to open it in Chrome.

Thanks a lot, man. It was a very simple mistake but I was blind to it.

Whichever action you use, the ending is always capitalized.

Once the action is being defined in the drawing, there is no need to use it again in the blocks.

To open the browser you only need “Action and Data Uri” as your action is defined, so you only need Data Uri.


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