Activity starter function ask permission

I created Application & published in google play store.
My question is here…
I used activity starter in phone calls.
It’s working perfect.
But it’s not taking permission from users in first time.

Could it cause application rejections later from Google Play Store?

If you have used activity starter for phone calls, I think you are using intent and uri block. So it will not cause any rejection as far as I know.
I am saying this because I have also used same procedure for calls.


it does not need permissions, because the activity starter is starting your default phone app to do the call and that app already has the permission

no, at least not because of using this

Thnx teams
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How was it solved? :grimacing:

@Taifun explained and hence it solved. :sweat_smile:

Friend, I understand that using the active starter is not the cause of Google Play blocking the app. Right ? So how was it resolved?

nobody said, that Google Play is blocking the app… the question was

and the simple answer is no

Sorry, blocking, rejecting, not allowing to publish, not allowing to publish, not accepting to publish … I don’t know … I understood that he had problems and I did not understand how he solved it … finally, I research … hugs :+1:

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