Ad Approval still pending after 48 hours

I submitted an app for ad approval over 48 hours ago yet I haven’t received a response. Earlier, decisions were made in less than 2-3 hours. What’s going on?

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Hi @megshsh09 , sorry for inconvenience! Kodular is growing day by day … Now approval can take up to 7 days. Please wait till then.


same problem i am facing ad approval on 27 oct now is 29 oct 1 damm kodular is slow.

Hey @gamingwar6 , I already clarified why Kodular taking long to approve apps. There are thousands of apps in queue… You’ve to wait.

As far as i know,

Staffs can’t review requests for now due to issues with their servers. they will start reviewing process again as soon as their servers are back to work.

Review system is getting pathetic day by day…

Hello friend please ask kodular team to start review the projects. I saw many of the developers submitted monetization review more than a months and years. I tried to contact kodular staffs in social media but they didn’t reply. Please you reply to this post.

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Please don’t spam the forum by reviving ancient topics. You have already created a topic about your problem. Just be patient and wait.

If you have followed Kodular’s policies for the types of app they approve, and have written a clear and honest description in English, then your app may be approved within a month or two. Otherwise you will have to keep waiting.

I submitted my app for approval 12 days ago and it’s haven’t verified yet

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