Ad manager Ads Setup

I am setting up google ad manager ads in my application in this way

Screen1 -->> when someone pick any item from the list screen2 open with selected item
Screen2 -->> a progress dialog from notifier show loading alert untill admanager load and show the ad when ad display the selected item will displayed on screen

anybody tell this way is okk here is the blocks

You shouldn’t reload an ad if it failed to load previously. Doing so will get your account banned by Google.

@Vishwas other thing are okkk

i removed both failed to load and failed to display blocks

Yeah everything else looks fine :+1:
Edit: You might want to hide the banner if it fails to load so that it doesn’t take up empty space on your screen.

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okk thanks and please check my dm message

This mean we can’t set this “Faild to load ad” I’m rights?
But my all apps are same block Write!
So can you share the rights and Proper Ads Block system??

You shouldn’t use the “Failed To Load” blocks to re-request an ad load infinitely many times. That’s the only restriction.

dont force ads to load right after its failed to load. it can cause problem for your entrie apps. google will limit your ads then you will complaint for low fillrates. Google knows better where to serve ad and when.

instead use “banner-visible-false” block it will help you more. thanks

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This rules are same for all Ads Service Provider? Ex: Facebook,Admob and other?

probably for Google Products.

What’s the best way to improve the fill rate? Would it be the optimized mode?