Ad manager issue ads are not loading

Ads are not loading in my app when I click to load the ads ads failed to load I use ad manager rewarded in my app and had also taken approval from kodular.
My blocks

Everytime I try to load rewarded ad as failed to load.

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Rewarded Ads does not work, that is why me & others are asking Kodular to fix it.

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In your app also not a single rewarded ad is loading

still not added applovin, adcolony, and Tapjoy ads in Admanager. don’t know how will fix it.

In my app also Ad manager rewarded ads are not loading. Kodular plz fix it or please help us.

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It’s more than 1 month since the ad manager rewarded ads are not loading.
I also try to contact them but not got any help.

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1 year not 1 month


The admanager ads both banner and interstitial stopped loading in my app…anyone else having the same problem?

I dont know but few imprssions shown on dashboard and routine wise interstitial impressions on my dashboard. i think its just low fill rate