Ad manager Report page does not work well

The revenue graph does not show anything, just a line at zero, when there is data in the table con different values of revenue per day, Neither draw another parameter as impression: impressions, ECPM, CTR. All are drawn with a zero line. This is a screenshot of my page: Sign in | Kodular

There can be two reasons for this issue

1 google have suspended your Application

2 There is a bug or glitch in their software

I think the 1st reason should be there

I think the 2nd reason should be because I checked ad manager and my apps are activated. And in the table of the report appear revenues as you can see here. This last indicates that the ads are producing revenues.

Your right you should wait for 4-7 days as if there’s problem from google or kodular they will surely fix as there are maintenance robots who keep report of all account and if there’s a problem in your account it will be solved soon

I think that it is not the problem since the older data than 7 days neither appear. Well, it is not true, the data appears in the table, yes, but not drawn in the graph.

You can check it on or check you have changed any setting

And you revenue is to low to show it might be the reason

I have checked in and I do not see any wrong. Probably, the low revenue might be the reason. I hope to increase it as soon as possible. But, I also think the graph should draw any value however low, shouldn’t be? The impressions in the last day are in the range of 300-400 and the graph is the same, line in zero.

It only draws if it’s $0.50+

ah, ok, it is a good answer. It may be the reason. Thank you very much for your help!!!

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