Ad Manager Shows Test-Ads on Play Store build

I have an app uploaded to Play Store and It has been approved for Ad Manager.

I tried testing the Ads with Test Mode enabled in the Internal Test track as it was throwing error while I was testing it on APK, During Internal Testing the Test Mode Banner was showing but Later when I disabled the Test Mode and uploaded a new App Bundle this time a new banner is showing in Spanish Language (I guess) with Test Ad mentioned on Top of It.

Here’s the Screenshot:

Note: I had searched for this issue in the community before creating this thread and there was a guy with a similar issue but the solution was not clear to me. Therefore, I am creating this thread while providing a detailed explanation of the issue as far as I am aware of. All Replies will be Appreciated


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The App was Tested in both Internal and Closed Testing to enable downloading from Play Store as the Not Approval error was popping us while testing thru APK

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Solved. I had Banner Ads and Interstitial Ads component in my app screen, the Interstitial Ads components had Test mode enabled so that was why the bug occurred

Remember, While using Ad Manager components make sure that Each of them has Test Ads set to Disabled, else it would show test ad at the top as it happened with me

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