Ad manger balance not updated. Why?

Hello everyone, i have not received my March, April, May, August payments. I am very disappointed with this, my months payments are pending and still my balance section is showing $0 :sob:. I don’t know if whether Kodular will give my payments or not. @KodularCreator @Diego @Vishwas @Peter @Kodular

I have posted my payment screenshots :point_down:

your revenue is very low

But, it should be added in my balance. Why it’s not added?

admanager gives minimum payout of 5 usd per month

so you shuld reach 20 usd if you want all months payments in your balance

Means, when my earnings will touch $20 then only it will shown in my Balance page?

My earnings have crossed $10 but balance is $0.

yes till nowno one have received below 20

Your problem can be only solved by kodular staff.