Ad Mob Ads not loading when press back

I am working on my first app on which i have made several screens and i have add admob ads to those screens.
All ads (Banner, Interstitial & Reward Video Ad) are working when I Open the App but if I go back from Screen 2 to Screen 1, Screen 1’s Reward video ads does not load.
I have mentioned in Screen 1 when screen 1 Initialize load Reward Video Ad.

Hope you Understood the Issue.

Please Support…

Use the when Screen2.back pressed event

I have Tried This -
“When Screen2.back pressed” --> Open Another Screen “Screen1”

But the result is same…

Nope, when Screen2.back pressed, open Screen1 and load admob ad.

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admob are very high quality ad platform its have servers which can detect how was the ad show, in back press or button, the admob cant load ad on back press

I hope you’re managing resources properly. Otherwise, hail the OOMs.