Ad not loaded Code 3 Google AD Manager

Did the new update fix the rewarded ads issue?

yesterday also no rewarded ad Impression i seen on my dashboard. i didnot remove Rewarded AdUnits also

We’re working on configuring rewarded video ads. Please wait till Monday for updates.


Any Updates on this?

We have asked Google to enable video inventory in apps. They are in the process of doing so; all we can do for now is wait for them to finish. I will post an update here when we have more information to share.

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today i got less interstitial ad impression with new app update with $0.80 eCPM. then i decided to check once that interstitial ads are working on not. when i opened app on interstital ad loading this error pop-up each time when i tried loading interstitial ad.

error code

this error happend in Oct 2021

Interstitial ads shows this error also.

When Kodular Fenix 1.5.6 was launched, the Banner ads were working great, but now it has the Same error as the above screenshots.

I logged this error through Notifier in my Internal Testing track. Kodular team please look into this issue.

this issue had been solved with in few mintues last year when it happened. At the time 5second interstitial video ads wasn’t working then this error was poping up.

But still Today I am getting code 3 on all of my devices which I use to test. For Banner ads.

Can you please send the app package names? And have you properly configured your app-ads.txt files?

I have already update Seller.json 1 month ago.

Yes I have configured App-ads.txt, May I e-mail you my package name?

This error also coming in my apps ads are not showing only this error coming with all types of ads Banner, interstitial, Reward. Even i have updated my Seller.json file


Please fix it we are in trouble
Here is my packages names
1: com.nsiquiz

Thank you waiting for good news :pray:

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For this app, we can see there is an issue with app-ads.txt. You don’t have as authorized seller.
Please check this section, and make sure you have both lines in your file:

For this app, there is no app-ads.txt published. Make sure you have properly configured it in Google Play Store.

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Please look at it is authorised seller and on my other app also checked play store listing website url in there

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Now it is fine. Please allow some time to propagate changes.

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On my both apps?

How much time it will take ? Please

Can you check this out Diego? I’m having problem with video ads and extremely low revenue compared to Admob.

Package name: io.kodular.nickxpanos.Car_Speaker_Info

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