AdColony request not filled

Hi everyone
I am trying to put AdColony ad in my app
But it’s showing an error “Request not filled”
I’ve got approval from kodular also
Please help

Can you show your Blocks ?

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Sorry for being late

By any chance are you in Europe.

Nope I’m from India

instead of of get error message do get error code

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and send error code

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Error code is 102

Hi I have caught the error

Have you filled these properties ?
They are required.

Yes I have filled

Correct are u sure they are correct ?

Yes I’m sure. I’ve filled them correctly

In here only choose Interstitial ads. Have you done that because the component name is Adcolony Interstitial so it only supports Interstitial adds.

Yes I’ve selected

I’ve tested in other app and it’s working properly…

Good for u

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Can u mark my reply as Solution

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