Add 2 different dynamic components

can anyone help me i want to make 2 add buttons that can add 2 different dynamic components
Dynamctest2_1 (1).aia (411.7 KB)

I’m a beginner and keep failing

ok this is the first thing I found
what if Tiny_DB2 doesn’t have any tags? change for each number to “for each item in list” so if the list is empty you will not get an error

i have tried but still fail can you try it for me

What exactly do you want?

I’m very busy I just took a quick look at your blocks… I think you’re over complicating things a lot you have the same functions repeated in many different places
I say just start from the basic function of building the components then move on to saving them in tinyDB unless you already did that then wait for someone to help as I can’t at the moment…