Add a search button

I want to add a search button
But he searches on the screen for a word in Lables

You mean something like this?

test_4.aia (2.8 KB)


Yes, but there are two problems
1- That the user must write exactly the same words as in Labels, which means that even capital letters must be written if capital letters are present.
2- I want it when I search for something specific that shows it only but it prints the word Found at post and I want it to show only what it is searching for

  1. There is a block upcase. I used it twice to evaluate strings.
  2. You can set output format in Label5.Text as you like.
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I just want to show the thing the user is looking for
I do not want to print the word Found Succefully

What the user was looking for is in Text_Box1.Text.
You can set Label5.Text to Text_Box1.Text. Simply remove blocks “join” and " found succesfully".

Can I give you my account and enter the project and amend it

I regret. I am spending some time as a hobbist with kodular programming. I have not plenty of time for it.
I suggest to try some techniques by yourself and little by little you will expand your knowledge.

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Do you have books that teach blocks?

@nikif99 is doing great job on searching labels…
if you want to do specific word search on a label that is sentence then you can use HTML formatted label… else if your label contains only one word or you want your user to search whole sentence then @nikif99 's solution fits best

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Use deephost search extension.

Search View Extension

Download -

But he’s looking at ListView and I want to search in CardView
There is no one to help me