Add button join group in whatsapp

I want to add button join group in whatsapp How Can do it ?

Action : android.intent.action.VIEW
Data Uri : Group link

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When I click on the button, he does not join the group but opens this page to me

if you are able to create a invite link then open that link on button click… see if it works or not

So what is the problem then…

but i can Open it in Google
but i can not Open it in my app
This is the error that appears

activity package: com.whatsapp
This way when the user click the link will open on whatsapp, who will decide what to do with the link, and will probably open the conversation.

If it doesn’t work try an activity class too. google for it

Use chrome custom tab component. Open the invite link using chrome custom tab and it will redirect you to the join group page

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