Add deep link support in app

Finally i compiled it using ant apche and java jdk :slightly_smiling_face:…And it worked as it should…Thanks @vknow360

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So, why are you talking about it here and confusing other users.


i did not did anything all are asking me


If you will post like this, then definitely others will ask you.


Sorry To All


Yes it works :heart_eyes:
But the size of the aix increased :sob:

It also works for cross URIs, as Mr. E.W. Patton said.

New aix with Changes made by @Atom_Developer :
com.sunny.DeepLink.aix (7.3 KB)

Supported URIs: appinventor://DeepLink , https://DeepLink , appinventor:// and


Could there be anyway I can redirect to play store when app not installed?

@vknow360 thanks for good job. Also to every one thanks a lot.

I have one question… isn’t there a way to create an text input socket for the urland destination?

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How to get the URL after clicking on the deep link.
Just like opening the application. I will get the link after opening it.
Please send aia :pray:

you’ll get start value

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If your app is not installed then how can it receive links? :thinking:

Sorry I am unable to understand.
It would be nice if you could show an example.

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I think so he wants to change url dynamically, and that is not possible. Right ?

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Right.That’s not possible.
We can change a value if it is inside class but as you can see from source, activities are defined above class.

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i think maybe by connecting it with a website… This is how deep hot app works,
when you click any link it would open the app page(if app is installed) or open play store(if app is not installed). One thing to note is that, when app is not installed, it usually open browser firstly before it usually navigate to play store.

i hope you understand

i already saw deep link in you custom web viewer so i was wondering :thinking: :thinking:

Both are different. This one and the one in custom webview extension.
If using custom webview extension then your app will be shown in Browser’s list when clicked on any link and need to open in external browser.

But using this extension, it will show you app only when the specific link is clicked/opened.

let assume this is clear now, How about when i want deep host type? Can that extension help?

thanks @themaayur for being here!

Don’t uss Extension by Deephost, he dosen’t support his Extension. And I don’t think there is any difference between that and this extension.

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Yes there is no difference logically.
But I am sure you will get lifetime support here but not sure about him :crazy_face:

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