Add Deep Link Support In App

Hii Community i want to add deep link support in my app. Needed the url back when the user click on the url. So please help how can add this

See here (especially β†’ point 1):

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I want to add on can anyone help me. I have shared my scheme and host in the website but I am not able to get the url in my app

You will get the url in the start value block ( control category )

Are you sure I joined the green block of the extension

can i share my link here

Not the green block in the extension , the yellow ( get start value block ) in the control category.

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ok but can I share you the link will you be able to attach to extension

Here are the steps:
1- go to this link :
2- type your host : ex: https and your scheme ex:
3- verify you aren’t a robot :robot:
4- click the download button.
5- import the extension.
6- on screen iniitalize use get start value block (control category ) to get the url the user redirected to the app from.

Ok let me try and can I share you the link

i think no need for this, but if you want share it , no propblem:slightly_smiling_face:

Shall I pm or here

You can post it here.

Ok will be some numbers ). I needed the whole url when the user click on it

Okay, when you import the extension you will find the url in this block:

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Hii I am not able to get url and my app is not showing in the search list please can you update and share me the extension. Shall I have to create website for this ?

What host and scheme has you added?

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Host :- https://
Scheme :- the app will launch if you typed :
not any thing else.

But i want to add numbers after = in url

And in block section I had added that when the screen initialize set label 1 text to get start value is this wrong ?