Add item to the list not adding data to the empty list

I am getting accurate expected value at DEV_A, DEV_O and DEV_T but when I try to get the data of the list DEV_BED_A or DEV_BED_O or DEV_BED_T, there is no data at all.

after checking the Length of the Said lists it shows “0”.


What can be the possible reason?

I don’t think there is an error in the declaration.

Please help!

Use for each item in list loop…Then on each loop 1 item "ll added in the list

first use this text box in got value and check u got values or not…may its firebase bucket link api problem

I am getting the value. And whenever I get the value it is showing the addition in the DEV_A (Lable).
So definitely it’s not a firebase settings issue.

The only problem is the value is not getting added to the list.

i think…when list have only 1 item then legnth of list may b started from
when only 1 item in list it’ll show 0 as the length of list

Need to check, because my lists have more than 2 values.

NOT a Single list is showing any data. But labels are showing the data received and even the calculations.

I think get tag is not equal to ur condition

u can use other way…
use each number loop…and set input as “legnth of that list” …

I am repeatedly saying, I am getting values and it is being displayed in the labels. Only problem with adding the received value to the list.

This thing is working but add item to the list is not working.
Just to make it more clear I have temporarily removed the add items to list block.

Have u tried it with removing the procedure on the bottom of blocks

Yes. Still add items to list is not working.