Add Json component

Can you add json component on makeroid? I think this is something important, for me. Why? Cause its helpfull if we want to make apps like quiz or to take data from json String.

I am already working on this. Give me some time. I hope to implent this in 1.2


Nice to hear about that, thank so much for your Hard work :+1:. I hope with this feature make makeroid to be better and more better :+1:

Emm, and i have 1 more question, its possible to add directly Source block on app inventor and other clone? I mean directly Source block for java, i see this block on sketchware.

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Hove u done with json project sir? Can u teach me how? #salam dari Yogyakarta :slight_smile:

1.2 not released yet. So, no.

Seperti yg dikatan @Sander dan @yusufcihan komponenini akan tersedia di versi 1.2,
Salam kenal juga mas Rijal, Njenengan asli Yogyakarta?

Salam kenal juga Mas Akza.
Saya asli Gresik. Tapi sekarang stay di Jogja

We have created some advance level aia projects on JSON File related, hope these Videos will Carter your problems.

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Kerja nopo kuliah mas?

Thanks, good to know, i will check into it.

This has been added now. Can somebody close this topic?