Add json item to the List

I have a json file Like this

and i want to add item in the list
any one help me

you might want to use the JsonTextDecode method from the web component

i use json TextDecode Method but no result found

hi, @Taifun i tryed many way but no result found.
Please Help me

can you show how you tried to add ?

i tryed lots of block and read articles

about 2hours of affort

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can you send me you json file?

file component cant read json file, it can read only txt file, so you need to store it in txt file or direct add to app in any global variable

i checked
file component read json file
use // before file name
Screenshot (67)

so here is your solution,

You must remove 1 to length of json array. From 0 to (lenght-1). If an array have 3 items, last index is 2

once again thanks for your help
Thank You 3000
It’s Working :+1:

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