Add marker Google Map with json data

I am trying to display a marker on google maps. I am getting the longitude and latitude data from a url with json data.

I get the data correctly and save it using TinyDB and everything is fine. The problem is that the “Add Markers” block does not recognize the latitude and longitude values.

Well, it doesn’t show the marker on the map. But it does show it if I put the values manually. I also made sure that the data retrieved from TinyDB is numbers and it is correct. Can someone help me port that does not work.

I attach the .*aia

mmm.aia (4.4 KB)

Try this

mmm_1.aia (5.1 KB)

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Thank you very much for your help, it really worked. I see that the data retrieved from the TinyDB was not a number and with the multiplication with the number 1 it already becomes a number. Thanks again. :v: :clap:

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