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Hello friends, I am creating a delivery app, so far I am working with airtable as a database and everything is going well, I have a client application and another administrator, where it can add or modify the products.
Now I have a question, is it possible with the app inventor or kodular to add new sections / categories from the administrator app?

In database ? Yes.

I think yes. You can just add data to database in admin app.

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Ok, in the airtable database yes?, And in the client application? It’s possible?
I thought about creating non-visible sections in the client application and being able to make them visible from the admin pp.
Is this possible? I am not sure what is the mechanism that is applied in these cases

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Only ask in the community of the builder you use. I will close the one on the app inventor community.

I think my previous question was not entirely clear.
Here goes my question again.

I am creating an application for food delivery, so far I have a client application and an administration application, I am working with kodular and airtable. Until now I was able to make it possible to modify prices, photos and product descriptions from the admin application, but I wish that sections / categories could be added from the admin application.
For this, I thought of making a list view in the client application where it contains the sections / categories, this list view would be linked to the database in airtable, so any modification in airtable would be reflected in the client application.
The problem I find myself in is that for each section / category I would like to add a new empty list in airtable, so that each section / category has a different list in airtable, with different table names and thus be able to filter more easily. Is it possible add empty list in airtable from kodular? since I can’t find a necessary block for this.
Any suggestions to do so?

Okay, sorry.