Add Notifier Font

can you add the feature to add a Font Typeface Import (.ttf) to the Notifier component and the custome dialogs?

have a nice day Marggx

For what?
For the dialog title or dialog message?

Both ? Would be nice

So two properties or just one for both ?

I think one for both

Thank you have a nice day

I think it whould be better if there were two option

I try to add both.

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Added for next component release:

  • Title Font Typeface
  • Title Font Typeface Import
  • Text Font Typeface
  • Text Font Typeface Import
  • Title Color

With that you can style now the notifier dialogs.
Too the dialogs use now as message color the text color option.
With “Title Color” you can set a color for the notifier title.


Maybe change it from Text Font to Message Font since on the block I believe it says Message

We already have text color as property.
Thats why the new property is not called message.
Else we would have two different names and I dont want that.

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Ohhhhhhhhhh ok I got it now

I want the same name for that blocks.
Else users will ask why we use different names :smile:

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If you ask me, having separate properties for title and message would be useful if the user prefers using a sans font for the title and a basic default font like Roboto for the message.

I think this is the same like you wrote…

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Yeah, sorry. I’m a bit tired these days.

I was talking about this, in the dialog blocks it says message not text.

thats why he has doubled it one for title and one for text(massage)

@hammerhai Correct. but we can not change the value names on the blocks.
Or do you want broken projects? Me not :smiley:

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So then change the names of the properties :smirk:

Then we break possible too projects…^^