Add SIDE detection to ImageSprite and Ball components

Hey staff: I know this might be kind of a long shot, but I’ll ask anyways. How much hard or possible would be to add a side collision detection to sprites/balls?

Something like this:

Where SIDE is the edge of the sprite that was first touched by the other sprite and it could be a number just like the 8 directions of the canvas edges?

Right now this can be done by code but it’s very hard to detect perfectly what side of the sprite is being touched, mostly because the conditions take some time to evaluate and if the sprite keeps moving, then the conditions change very fast.


@Italo We created an issue tracker to look into this feature. Let’s see how it goes


Thank you @Hossein. I also posted this in the MIT App Inventor 2 community. Evan Patton replied too and said they are going to implement a BOUNCE block which acts like the bounce edge block but for other sprites.

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Oh i must’ve missed that post. Will check that too

It’s in the Power Users section.

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@Italo Got it and I see it; I’m in PU group too

I know :grinning:, I told you to go there in case you were looking somewhere else.

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